Age Criteria (As on March 31, 2024)
Between 4 to 5 Years Born between 31st March, 2019 and 31st March, 2020
Admission Schedule
Online Registration Schedule: Wednesday, 20th September, 2023 to Sunday, 24th September, 2023
Submission of the hard copy of the registration form along with prescribed documents in the school. Thursday, 21st September,2023 to Monday, 25th September, 2023 from 9 am to 2.00 pm (As per the time slots allotted to you)
List showing the cut off points of shortlisted candidates will be put up on the school notice board as well as the school website. Wednesday, 27th September 2023
Criteria for admission:
Total number of seats 120
General Category 100
Transfer Cases 8
Wards of the Teachers 8
**Management Quota 4
Total 120
**(Children/ Grandchildren of the Members of the Governing Council/ Nehru Sidhant Kender Trust would be considered in the management quota)
In addition, 25% seats would be reserved for EWS Category.

The admission process has been designed to provide equal opportunity to all and maintain transparency. The merit of the applicants will be determined on the basis of a criteria that is given below:-

    Neighbourhood 0-10 km : 10 points Above 10 km : 5 points [Max : 10] Sibling First Born Non-Sibling Ward of Single Parent/ Orphan/ Adopted Child Ward/ Sibling of Alumni of Sat Paul Mittal School Qualification of the Parents
    10 40 15 15 5 5 10
  2. Any vacancy in the 8 seats reserved for transfer cases [Central/ State/ Defense] will be filled up by 31st May.
  3. Any vacancy in the 8 seats reserved for the wards of the teachers will be filled within 30 days from the start of the new academic session.
  4. The break-up of marks for the qualifications of the parents is as follows:-
    Ph.D. / Doctorate / DM 5
    Post Graduate and Graduate 4
    Minimum of 2 years Diploma (After Grade XII) 3
    Others 2
  5. In the event of candidates getting the same score, draw of lots will be conducted for the same score applicants. The lottery will be conducted in case the no. of candidates scoring the same points are more than the no. of the remaining vacancies in the general list of 100. The lottery will be organized in the presence of the parents of the shortlisted candidates and lots will be drawn by a parent/child. The entire process will be videographed.
  6. Apart from the 100 seats in the General Category a list of next 5 students will comprise the Waiting List. The waiting list will be put up along with the selected list of 100 students in the General Category. The waiting list will be valid for a period of 30 days from the declaration of the final list.
  7. The management reserves the right to check the authenticity of all documents from the issuing authorities (e.g. Qualification Certificates from the issuing University). If at any stage (even after admission) any document is found to be false / fake etc., the application / admission would stand cancelled and the matter would to reported to relevant / legal authorities for further action.
  8. The decision of the school would be final and binding.
  9. *Documents to be submitted:-
    1. A hard copy of the REGISTRATION FORM with the latest passport size photographs of the parents and the child.
    2. A self-attested photocopy of the Birth certificate along with the original for verification.
    3. A proof of Residence ( A Photocopy of the Electoral Card/ Passport/ Driving License/ Telephone Bill/ Aadhaar Card/ Rent deed attested by executive magistrate)
    4. A proof of highest educational qualification of the parents. In case the highest qualification is a 2 year diploma, a copy of grade XII passing certificate also needs to be attached along with the copy of the diploma certificate.
    5. In case of children of staff [of the school], a copy of staff ID card will have to be furnished.
    6. In case of a sibling studying at Sat Paul Mittal School, a copy of sibling ID card will have to be furnished.
    7. In case of ward of Central/ State/ Defense Personnel, a letter of Service from the concerned department and a copy of government job ID is required.
    8. In case of First Born Child, an affidavit affirming that the child seeking admission is the first born child has to be furnished. (The parents would have to download the affidavit format provided) Click here to download the affidavit.
    9. In case of an adopted child, a copy of the adoption deed will have to be furnished.
    10. In case of an orphan, copy of death certificates of the parents will have to be furnished along with the proof of guardianship.
    11. In case of a single parent, only the qualification of the parent who has the custody of the child will be considered.
    12. In case of a single parent, the following documents ** will have to be furnished:
      1. Divorcee Divorce decree
      2. Separated Legal Separation Document
      3. Widow/Widower Death certificate of the spouse
    13. **The above legal documents must clearly mention the name of the custodian and the name of the child.
    14. Alumni of Sat Paul Mittal School must fulfil the following conditions:
      1. The alumni should have cleared ISC (Grade 12) from Sat Paul Mittal School.
      2. The alumni should have studied in the school for a minimum of 4 consecutive years.
      The Alumni of Sat Paul Mittal School must submit the following documents:
      1. A copy of Migration Certificate
      2. A copy of Transfer Certificate issued by Sat Paul Mittal School
    15. Incorrect or incomplete forms will be rejected.
    16. A print out of the Google Map reflecting the distance of the applicant’s residence from Sat Paul Mittal School.
** All the certificates to be submitted should be self-attested and the original certificates are to be brought along for verification.
Please read the instructions carefully before filling the form. No telephonic / other communication will be entertained by the School.
Registration Process
  • Registration forms for children born between 31st March, 2019 and 31st March, 2020 can be filled Online Only for academic session 2024-2025.
  • Please read this page completely and understand it before clicking the button at the bottom of the page which will take you to the registration form. You need to make the Online Payment using Debit card/Credit card/ NetBanking.
  • You will be allotted time slots to submit your Registration form. Post payment, you will receive an SMS which will inform you about the Registration number, allotting the date and time. Your application will not be considered for the admission procedure, if you do not come for verification and submission as per the allotted date and time.
  • You will also receive an email detailing the documents required and also an attached copy of the registration form duly filled by you. In case of single parent, the details of only one of the parent/ guardian is to be filled. This serves as a record to know the status of your application and for any further correspondence. Check your Spam box in case you do not receive email in your Inbox after the Registration.
  • A hard copy of the Registration form along with the requisite documents mentioned there in will have to be submitted at the School Reception Counter. The registration number should be mentioned on all the requisite documents to be submitted. Only one parent per candidate will be allowed for the submission of the form.
Precautionary measures to be followed in school
  • Crowding is not allowed near the school gates. Any parent found at the school gate without his/her time slots may consider their registration form rejected.
  • No vehicle is to be parked near the school gates.
  • If any pandemic / medical emergency like Covid 19 arises in future, the parents /guardians of the children shall provide all the necessary co-operation and support to the school as may be required.
  • In case parents of the child, intentionally suppress the health condition of the child (specially arising out of any genetic disorder) or any disease whether diagnosed or not, then the admission of the child may be cancelled at any time after verifying the medical history of the disease and the school would not be held responsible for consequences arising out the same.
Important Instructions For Lottery:
  • The draw will take place on 28th September, 2023 at 10:30 am in the Mittal Auditorium.
  • The draw will be covered by videography.
  • Only one parent of the candidate should come to attend the lottery. The parents must carry a copy of their Registration Form.
  • In case the parent is unable to attend the lottery due to some emergency, they can send a relative as their representative along with an authority letter and the copy of the Registration Form. However in case the representative also does not turn up on the day of the lottery, the respective ward’s Registration Number will not be considered for the lottery.
  • Two different bowls, one for girls and the other for boys would be used to collect the lottery slips from the parents.
  • Based on the remaining no. of seats to be filled, equal no. of slips would be drawn from the respective bowls up to the count of 104. For the 105th seat, the remaining slips of the two bowls will be combined and a slip will be drawn from the combined lot.
  • After the draw, the final list will be put up on the Notice Board along with a list of 5 candidates on the waiting list on on 28th September 2023 itself.