Fee Payment System

School dues (tuition fees, bus and other relevant charges) must be paid by demand draft/ online on the stipulated dates mentioned in the School Diary. The fee payment schedule is given in the table below:

Last Date 15th April, 2022 15th July, 2022 15th October, 2022 16th January, 2023
  • In case fee is not paid by the last date as mentioned above, a late fee fine of Rs. 100 for 1st 30 days, Rs. 200 for next 30 days and Rs. 300 thereafter, per day will be charged.
  • Fee will be deposited online only through the ERP.
  • Link of ERP Login for Fee Payment- https://quickschool.niitnguru.com/satpaulmittal/
  • Parents are requested to pay the fee in time to avoid late fee fine.
  • Transport fee will be taken with the quarterly fee. The fee once paid will not be refunded for that quarter if the child decides to withdraw the transport service in the midst of the quarter.
Note: For any query, kindly mail us at spmschool2004@satpaulmittalschool.org
withdrawl policy

If a student is to be withdrawn from the school for any reason, parents need to apply for a withdrawal on the prescribed from available in the school office. On completion of this form, all dues/ accounts including refund of the security deposit will be made after adjusting the charges due to the student. No claim shall be entertained at a later date. One calendar months' notice is required for clearance of all dues.