alumni connect

Dear Alumnus,

Sat Paul Mittal School Alumni Connect is the alumni network for connecting alumni, students & faculty of Sat Paul Mittal School. This network has been initiated in a quest to contribute towards strengthening the community. It is a place to deepen your bonds with your community & connect with them in a meaningful way. We believe there is great joy in re-Connecting with people from the same Alma Mater & that it is not just restricted to a temporary emotional high but it significantly contributive in our social & career dimensions too. Our mission is to use technology & empower alumni community to deepen their relationship & come together as a group to contribute & care for each other. Sat Paul Mittal School Alumni Connect is a social network with a mission to power our alumni network using technology, by bringing them together as a group & connect in a meaningful way-

  • Re-Connect & Catch up with batchmates, seniors & juniors.
  • Revive old memories.
  • Know about what's happening at the campus.
  • Help each other in careers by advising & referrals.
  • Stay up to date with alumni achievements & important updates.
  • Give back to the Alma Mater & students.
College Country Name Total No. of admissions
Canada 15
India 49
Australia 2
Neitherland 1
United Kingdom (UK) 6
United States of America (US) 10
Singapore 1
Total 86
Number of students in top 5 % colleges as per QS World University ranking-11
Number of students in top 10 % colleges as per QS World University ranking-13
1 2021-22 86
2 2020-21 99
3 2019-20 94
4 2018-19 83
5 2017-18 81
6 2016-17 68
7 2015-16 63
8 2014-15 67
8 2013-14 43
8 2012-13 29
8 2011-12 21
Alumni Engagement
Alumni Workshop/Activities
Aaryan Baweja(Class of 2020) My experience as an Assistant Director for Punjabi movie – Honeymoon
Aditya Goyal (class of 2020)
Ameera Rai (Class of 2020)
Nipun Jain. (Class of 2020)
Tahira Grewal(Class of 2021)
Prachi Mehra (Class of 2020)
Punya Khurana(Class of 2021)
Romita Handa (Class of 2021)
Vani Gupta (Class of 2016)
Shyla Mishra (Class of 2018)
Tamanna Kothari(Class of 2021)
Aiman Jain (Class of 2021)
Arushi Syal (Class of 2021)
Panel Discussion-Closing the Global Skill Gap - Alumni Meet 2022-23
Total number of Alumni attended the Alumni Meet - 180

Compering for the Alumni Meet 2022-23
Musical symphony
Opening note and Vote of Thanks
Nostalgia Quiz
Nostalgia Quiz
Sia Aggarwal(Class of 2020)
Tamanna Kothari (Class of 2021)
Logo Making competition
Ansh Rajput(Class of 2022) Mini Mentors for SIF 2023-24
Srijan chopra(Class of 2022)
Jashanjeet singh Sachdeva (Class of 2022)
Shea Mago (Class of 2022)
Sehaj Anand(Class of 2022)
Hriday Mehra (class of 2022)
Srishti Duggal (Class of 2022)
Kanish Aggarwal (Class of 2022)
Palkin Singhania (Class of 2022
Sanansh Garg (Class of 2022)
Madhav Bansal (Class of 2022)
Purnima Chopra (Class of 2018)
Jasreen Narula (Class of 2019)
Krishnav Satija (Class of 2022)
Aadit Lamba (Class of 2022)
Geet Monga (Class of 2022)
Satvik Jindal (Class of 2022)
Name Of Workshop Resource Person
Script Writing for Radio at SPMS Dr. Gurpreet Kaur Assistant Professor Lovely Professional University
Design thinking and Emerging technologies at Plaksha University Dr. Ruchi and Dr. Prashant Suresh Kumar Ph.D Environmental Biotechnology Project Manger Education Programme
Emerging Careers Dr.Shradha from Lavasa Christ University