alumni connect

Dear Alumnus,

Sat Paul Mittal School Alumni Connect is the alumni network for connecting alumni, students & faculty of Sat Paul Mittal School. This network has been initiated in a quest to contribute towards strengthening the community. It is a place to deepen your bonds with your community & connect with them in a meaningful way. We believe there is great joy in re-Connecting with people from the same Alma Mater & that it is not just restricted to a temporary emotional high but it significantly contributive in our social & career dimensions too. Our mission is to use technology & empower alumni community to deepen their relationship & come together as a group to contribute & care for each other. Sat Paul Mittal School Alumni Connect is a social network with a mission to power our alumni network using technology, by bringing them together as a group & connect in a meaningful way-

  • Re-Connect & Catch up with batchmates, seniors & juniors.
  • Revive old memories.
  • Know about what's happening at the campus.
  • Help each other in careers by advising & referrals.
  • Stay up to date with alumni achievements & important updates.
  • Give back to the Alma Mater & students.