teachers training


We cannot train students for future if we ourselves are living in the past.In-service training is the kernel for the professional growth of teachers. The teachers are kept abreast of the latest techniques and methodologies in the field of education through intensive in-service training programmes. These programmes are a continuous affair spread out through the year with mandatory 100 hours of teacher training. The workshops range from those focusing on personal and professional growth, class-room management, subject specific workshops and those related with child psychology.

To encourage innovation and creativity, the teachers meet every 3rd Saturday to discuss and share innovation in teaching learning resources and the teachers are honoured for their innovation and creativity. We have 30 Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and 30 teachers as Microsoft Certified Expert.

We strive to find ways to present appropriately challenging learning activities in an enthusiastic, interesting, tech savvy and enjoyable way. Our focus is always to enhance student engagement and learning through effective learning activities and evaluation strategies.