Covid Safety Guidelines

Guidelines for Parents

The purpose of this document is to provide clear and actionable guidance for safe operations through the prevention, early detection and control of COVID-19 in school. Following basic principles can help keep students, teachers, and staff safe at school and help stop the spread of this disease. Recommendations for healthy schools are:

  • All children must wear masks to the school and also carry one extra mask to school.
  • It is mandatory for all children to carry a handkerchief/ tissue paper and a hand sanitizer with them.
  • Parents are requested to monitor health of the children on regular basis.
  • Before sending your ward to school, please check his/her temperature in the morning and look for any other symptoms of illness, If your child is sick, keep them home and notify the school of your child’s absence and symptoms.
  • Children may be less likely to present with fever as an initial symptom, and may have only gastrointestinal tract symptoms as per studies. So children with stomach issues also need to stay home.
  • Children with some chronic health problems/allergies etc. need to carry their own medicines with written instructions to school for using the same in case of any need.
  • In case of any illness during school hours, child will be made to sit in the waiting area and parents will be informed to take back the child home.
  • Teach your children to follow good hand hygiene, distancing and respiratory etiquettes in school.
  • Encourage your ward to carry all required articles to avoid sharing with other students. Also label the personal things to avoid any kind of confusion.
  • Sharing of tiffins and water bottles will not be allowed at all.
  • In case your ward has travelling history in last one week or attended any public gathering/function or shows any symptom related to COVID-19, inform the school authorities and do not send your child to school for at least one more week. Thus total time away from school in such cases should be at least two weeks.
  • If there is any Corona Patient at home or the concerned individual had a contact with corona positive case, the student/employee needs to quarantine herself/himself for 14 days.
  • After a leave of more than 2 days, child will be permitted to school only with medical fitness certificate from a Paediatrician/GP.
  • Encourage your ward to avoid any physical contact with other students.
  • Students are required to sit only on their designated desks. It is advised to follow this norm especially during recess.
  • It is advised to opt for private mode of transportation if possible.
  • The school canteen will remain closed. So, the children must carry proper meals with them.
  • Since, the knowledge about COVID-19 is changing rapidly, you must be open to adapt to any change in the guidelines that the school has provided.
  • Parents are requested to submit an emergency contact number to school that should not be switched off or unavailable at any point of time.
  • Co-ordinate with school authorities and follow all the Corona control measures honestly to ensure good health of children.
Rules to be followed by the Teachers

The main mode of COVID-19 spread is from person to person, primarily via droplet transmission. For this reason, strategies for infection prevention should center around this form of spread, including physical distancing, face coverings, and hand hygiene.

  • Classrooms should continue to be welcoming, respectful, inclusive.
  • Desks should be placed 3 to 6 feet apart,though students should be at least 6ft apart
  • Ensure adequate ventilation in the classroom (open door and windows)
  • Particular avoidance of close physical proximity in cases of increased exhalation (singing, exercise); these activities are likely safest outdoors and spread out.
  • Posters regarding various ‘Covid precautions and guidelines’ should be displayed in the classrooms.
  • Teachers will have to maintain the suitable distance while taking rounds in the classroom.
  • Utilize outdoor spaces when possible.
  • Teachers should maintain 6 feet distance from students when possible
  • Hand washing should be promoted before and after touching shared equipment.
  • Consider creating one-way hallways to reduce close contact.
  • Place physical guides, such as tape, on floors or sidewalks to create one-way routes.
  • Fix separate periods for going to washrooms to minimize the number of students in the washroom at one time.
  • Cleaning of tables/desks should be performed after food break or when required. Children should not be present when disinfectants are in use and should not participate in disinfecting activities
  • Common surfaces that are used frequently, such as drinking fountains, door handles, sinks and faucet handles, etc., should be cleaned and disinfected as often as possible.
  • Keep revising the Respiratory etiquettes,distancing and Hand washing steps with your students.
  • Precautions are necessary to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19 in school settings; however, care must also be taken to avoid stigmatizing students who may have been exposed to the virus
  • Necessary up gradations will be done as per Government guidelines.