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We Connect

We at Sat Paul Mittal School work towards creating a harmony amongst all the four major pillars i.e. students, teachers, parents and the community.

Students' Connect

Students are globally connected to classrooms through virtual tools and are part of various international Sustainable Development Goal projects. They are given support through various career counseling fairs and an in-house counselor who guides students in the areas of social/emotional development, ensuring today's students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.

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teachers connect
Teachers' Connect

Building teacher capacity is imperative and is done through various workshops, teacher conclaves and providing support and platforms throughout their career for continuous professional development.

Parents' Connect

The Parent Engagement Program of the school is a comprehensive platform wherein parents support the education by holding workshops and various events.

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community connect
Community Connect

It is an effort towards building a strong connects to strengthen, support, and even transform students and community. Students work diligently with the community through their various community connect programs. Whether it is the IAYP work, plantation drives, outreach programs or the holiday homework, the essence of connecting with the society is clearly and distinctly visible.

The Student Led Clubs

The Student Led Clubs under the Satyan Empowerment Program provides Satyans a platform to showcase their skillsets, act as mentors under the guidance of school facilitators and lead to carve a niche for themselves and their team. The Student Led Clubs provides the Satyans numerous opportunities to explore and assimilate creativity, collaboration and problem solving in an immersive environment to fast-track their learning experiences as students. With leadership, teamwork, collaboration, communication and learning as the key goals, the Satyan Empowerment program aims at nurturing responsible citizens and empowered leaders of tomorrow. It would also help the students develop well-rounded portfolios that can open a wide domain of opportunities as a future university applicant.

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Sustainable Development Goals and Green School Initiative
Sustainable Development Goals and Green School Initiative

Students are globally connected to classrooms through virtual tools and are part of various international Sustainable Development Goal projects and collaborations. The school has always been the fore runner in taking the mission of green school forward. Be it Rain water Harvesting, Solar panels, vertical gardens, Plantation drives or Say No to Single Use Plastic, the school has always supported such ground – breaking initiatives.

Global Connect and International exposure
global connect
global connect

In an endeavour to provide a better understanding of the global and cross cultural environment, students have been provided an opportunity to explore intercultural theories and models through an active experimentation in a new cultual environment with AFS programs like GCC Teens, Virtual Class Exchange, student exchange programs, Faculty exchange programs. The Global Youth Mobilization is a student centric initiative by the school with programs like IAYP (International Award for Young People) and Rotary. The aim of this initiative is to engage, empower, equip and help create socially responsible global citizens. The Career and College readiness program (CCRD) focusses on interacting with University faculty on 21CLD.The program aims at providing students with the skillset required after high school, an insight into the teaching learning practices at college and the skillsets that they need to inculcate in high school to excel at college.

Each year, we collaborate with Microsoft that conducts a 48-hour global learning event- Skype a Thon that brings classrooms together, using Skype to not only deepen students’ understanding of the world beyond their classroom walls, but also to help them become global citizens. The school has collaborated with more than 20 countries and has travelled more than 1 lakh virtual miles.

Remote learning Work Plan

With schools being shut down across the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic, educators worldwide are leaving no stone unturned to keep the students engaged in this hour of crisis.. A Microsoft Showcase School, the school has formulated a multi-pronged strategy by adopting existing and new digital technologies to offer an uninterrupted learning experience to students and ensure the safety, health and wellness of all the stakeholders amid the ongoing nationwide lockdown.

Some of the ways in which the school has delivered an engaging virtual learning experience through its ‘Remote Learning Work Plan’ are: The teachers actively used MS Teams, Flipgrid, Wakelet, OneNote, Minecraft, O365 to create and share e-learning resources with students.

They also use Presenter software to create videos besides White Board, Microsoft Powerpoint, Screencast-o-Matic, and Wondershare Filmora and made online learning more interesting and engaging through animations and sound effects. Assessments after each module were conducted in the form of objective questions using Online Forms, Kahoot, and students submit their work through OneNote.The well-balanced online learning curriculum includes physical education, dance, music, art classes, various co-curricular activities like Tedx@SPMS, AFS Intercultural Exchange, Earth Day, Mother's Day, Prize Distribution, webinars etc that are conducted by leveraging several digital platforms including Flipgrid, Kahoot, MS Teams, ZOOM, etc.For considering the reopening of the schools, a COVID Contingency Plan was prepared, which had safety measure protocols as per the Ministry of Home and State Government guidelines.

LMS and Resource Generation

The pandemic has been the greatest changing factors that revolutionized the field of education. It forced us to take a giant leap to cross over the abyss of no school year and took us five to ten years in future. Newer techniques had to be adopted to reach out to the students and parents alike. Learning Management and Online repository of teaching resources were created in no time and put to practice online ways of teaching learning, and started using new age skills of collaborating, real life problem solving, skilled communication, using ICT etc.