social emotional learning

Social Emotional Learning: Social Emotional learning is a deeply ingrained part of the way students interact both in the classroom and out of it and helps provide children with equitable, supportive and welcoming learning environments through a robust counseling program and quality circle time. The five core areas of Social Emotional Learning that we aim to achieve at Sat Paul Mittal School are

  • Self-Awareness.
  • Self-Management.
  • Social Awareness.
  • Relationship building.
  • Problem Solving.

SEL has helped students in managing their emotions well and have helped them to tide over the challenging times during the pandemic.

Conflict resolution and Self-Regulation

We attach great importance to the identification and achievement of personal goals; we lay special stress on planning, implementation and evaluation of decisions; developing self-esteem; managing stress and coping with change and conflict-traits that are essential in self-management skills and that underpin a healthy and active lifestyle. Through participation in classroom interactions, QCT,sporting, recreational and other physical activities, students develop and practice these skills. Students who possess sound self-management skills are better able to identify and avoid potential health risks,