Interactive Panels


The future of education is all about strengthening and incorporating student-centric learning. We at Sat Paul Mittal School believe in adopting the latest technology tools which makes teaching-learning fun and at the same time caters to the required educational needs of the students. Our classrooms are future-ready with the latest Interactive flat panels (IFP’s) which facilitate in-school, hybrid, and remote modes of learning. The interactive panels, in many ways, had replaced the old chalkboards in classrooms.

IFP’s come with a host of features which include MS Office compatibility, handwriting recognition, video recording, and various other collaboration tools. It also provides a greater visual impact by displaying pictures in ultra-high-definition resolution which facilitates interactive learning with a tap. Concepts can be gamified, thus improving the ability of students to retain the information.

The future-ready teachers of our school are using the IFP technology in the classroom to promote active learning, which further boosts the enthusiasm and engagement of the students in the classrooms and helps them develop critical readiness skills. This all makes learning in school fun, engaging and collaborative.

Adopting the latest technology tools in the field of education has helped us to achieve our aim of providing the best educational experience for our students.