Prevention Of Sexual Harrassment Policy(Posh)


The Sat Paul Mittal School Prevention of Sexual Harrassement Policy(POSH) has been designed and formulated in order to provide a safe and secure environment to the staff.It aims to change the mind-sets and attitudes by creating awareness about what contributes to sexual harassment and the steps that can be taken to address it. This policy serves as an important tool to make school safe and benefit the staff.


The policy is applicable for all staff of Sat Paul Mittal School including all contract employees, trainees, fellows, fixed time hirers,adhoc and third party staff who visit and are on work in school campus.

  • To provide a basic understanding of sexual harassment at places ofwork.
  • To Prohibit Prevent and Redress the problem of sexualharassment
  • To provide protection against sexual harassment of staff in school and for prevention and redressal of complaints of sexual harassment and for mattersconnected.
  • To set forth the expectations of conduct and mutual respect at the school with the focus on prevention of sexual harassment of the process of complaint if these expectations are not met orviolated.
  • To establish and communicate that the school is committed to provide a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment in anyform.


Every organisation is obliged to constitute through a written order an Internal Complaint Committee.The Internal Complaint Committee will be comprising of :

  • Principal of Sat Paul Mittal School, as the presidingofficer ( Mrs. Bhupinder Gogia)
  • Deputy Head of SeniorSchool. ( Ms. Meenu Arora)
  • Deputy Head of JuniorSchool. ( Ms. Gurprit Kaur)
  • One member from a non-governmental organization or a person familiar with issues relating to sexualharassment.
  • An Admin member. ( Mr. Neeraj Thakur)
  • Provided however, at least one half of the total members of the ICC shall be women.
As per Vishaka Guidelines and Ministry of Women and child Development

To ensure confidentiality, a dedicated e-mail-id for the Internal Complaint Committee, been created for the employees, for sending sexual harassment related complaints. This email id can be accessed only by members of the InternalCommittee.

Any complaint that comes to the Internal Committee will be dealt with appropriately, sensitively and confidentially in the most judicious and un-biased manner within the defined time frame.

Submission of Complaint Within 3 months of the incident
Notice to the Respondent With 7 days of receiving copy of the complaint
Completion of Inquiry Within 90 days
Submission of Report by ICC to the Management Within 10 days of completion of the inquiry
Implementation of the action recommended Within 60 days.
Appeal Within 90 days of Recommendation.
Note: The Governing Council of School has revised the PREVENTION OF SEXUAL HARRASSMENT POLICY(POSH). This revised policy is with effect from 11.07.2020