about the principal

bhupinder gogia
Mrs. Bhupinder Gogia

A post graduate with Gold Medal in Applied Mathematics, she has an impeccable service record of an educational career that spans over 29 years, to her credit. For Bhupinder Gogia, it is the opportunity to be a catalyst of change, to nourish a learning environment that enables innovation, collaboration and growth" National Awardee Teacher – 2023, Ms. Bhupinder Gogia truly believes in empowering others and creating leadership opportunities at every level. The Data driven management processes under her stewardship has streamlined the processes and has made review and monitoring easy and effective. The LMS with a huge repository of digital lesson plans and modules boasts of her progressive vision where the power of technology has been leveraged for the best. Her vision has ensured 100 hours training of staff at Sat Paul Mittal School where teachers are equipped with skills and knowledge related to subject competency , classroom management and students engagement etc. In line with NEP 2020, she has revolutionised the learning space at Sat Paul Mittal School and has made it more immersive and relevant with introduction of Competency Based education, Inquiry based approach, Inter –disciplinary approach and Social Emotional learning. She sees in every opportunity a chance to provide transformational feedback, collaborate with families and community organizations, and positively impact a student’s academic trajectory. With a robust parent and community engagement programme, she has been able to generate prospects for parents and community in general to be involved and equipped.

Her brainchild, the Satyan Fellowship programme promises to generate a workforce of well - trained teachers who would redefine the future of education in India .The Satyan Fellowship programme is a rigorous training program which offers competitive stipend and in depth training to aspiring teachers. She has had a phenomenal impact on all the people she has met and helped them make their lives worth living and loving. Under her leadership, Sat Paul Mittal School has won innumerable awards both in academic and non-academic areas and is the most sort after school in Punjab.