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  • https://sciencemnemonicsforyou.blogspot.com

    Science and maths tricks

    By Meenu Arora

  • https://detravelspace.wordpress.com/

    Though I am from IT field, I am a travel freak. I leave no chance to spend my time out in my holidays. On the other side, it gives me an opportunity to spend time with my family. I was planning last year to take a house on rent in Manali as we wanted to spend good fifteen days there. At that time, I came to know about Ghumakkar.com which is a website that invites you to post your travel experiences and that can be a tour guide for others.

    I feel each and every one has the hidden you. So let that be out. I have the ability to motivate others to visit and explore the incredible India as I believe that India has numerous places and vast culture which are yet to be explored. I have a dream to open a floating restaurant where people will be served free food from different states of India. They will be guided to explore different places but yes nominal money will be charged for this advice.

    By Monica Joshi

  • https://demystifylearning.blogspot.com

    Learning made fun and real time.

    By Kovleen Middha

  • http://mybooktalknew.blogspot.com

    Talking about books and their reviews

    By Kovleen Middha

  • https://teachinglawn.blogspot.in/

    I regularly write two blogs teachinglawn.blogspot.in and teachinglawn.simple site.com. I basically started writing these blogs to share my subject knowledge with the children. I also use my blog as a source of information on latest advancements in the field of science and technology.

    By Jasmeet Janeja<