Alumni Registration

Dear Alumni,

Years have gone by but it just seems like yesterday when you walked into the portals of this institution as a tiny tot and then stepped out to face the world as a mature adult ready to pursue your dreams. Time spent in school is a memory to be treasured and you would also, most certainly, reminisce about it. Having nurtured and reared you during your fruitful years, it will give us immense satisfaction to know about your achievements and your whereabouts. It would be a great pleasure to know about the new institution you have joined and the career you have chosen to pursue.

We request you to fill in the Online Registration Form that will provide us a focal point of contact not only with your alma mater but also, your friends. You can search and trace friends easily by using the alumni database. It will also enable us to dispatch the school magazine, ‘TheSatyan’, ‘The Satyan Mirror’ and the other allied material.

Bhupinder Gogia